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They say a change is as good as a holiday so I have decided to put my weekly specials blog into semi-retirement and work on a “whatever takes my fancy daily approach” .


I already hear the wailing and gnashing of teeth from my 3 avid followers (you know who you are) but don’t despair, all is not doomed.


I will still be running blackboard specials, only more on a day to day basis and not as before on a weekly themed blog basis. All you need do is check out the blackboard on our site where I will update as they change.


My daily specials will be inspired by the weather, the time of the month, what I see, what I hear, what’s fresh, what’s seasonal, what’s new, what’s trending, what’s tweeting, what’s interesting, what’s on special, what I enjoy cooking and what I hope you like to eat.


It’s been fun!







<--------------Bored Dave!!

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This week I’ll be paying homage to legendary Texan Cowboy chef “Grady Spears”. An integral part of the “Reata’s” restaurant group he has over the years re-defined “Chuck Wagon” and “Tex-Mex” cuisines with his own unique Cowboy boot print.


We’ll start with my version of his famous Catfish Cakes, not big on catfish I’ll be using Yellowfin Tuna, a little extravagant but a lot better in my book. In true Cowboy style we’ll be serving our TUNA CAKES with a healthy helping of ranch greens, grilled coriander butter tossed corn on the cob and a cheeky chipotle mayo.


I couldn’t resist a twist on his Corn Casserole and have decided to TART - ILLA it up “Tortilla Pie” style. I’ve roasted off some baby fennel with garlic & onions and will be adding corn and local home-made Chorizo which I got from my local Food Market which pops up from time to time in the Round Table Community Hall just off Keurboom Rd (worth a visit if you’re in the hood).


We’ll be creaming it up, adding a little roast tomato flavour and baking Lasagne style with toasted tortilla strip layers.

With a bit of a borrow, I‘ve snuck in a Southern fried chicken dish, CHICKEN N’ WAFFLES reason being this is a dish I will be putting on our new menu. I think it’ll become a classic and am looking forward to plating it up.

Think golden crisp chicken breast set on a delicious fresh made waffle and finished with a good slosh of creamy chicken gravy and wilted greens.


We finish with another Grady special, the fantastically named “GONZALEZ MEATLOAF” .How could I not go there, no twists and turns here just great thick slices of meatloaf with a delicious home-made BBQ roast tomato sauce served with Slim Jim onions, skinny fries and ranch coleslaw.

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We’re going homey this week with a selection of Mom style dinners, all of course with the proverbial Tex-mex twists and turns. So get comfy & settle in, you’re home on the range.


For those of you who have yet to try our smokey delicious “Sloppy Joe’s” ground beef we’ll be doing a tortilla pie version. Look at it as the illegitimate LOVE CHILD of a fleeting romantic encounter in a Key West bar between Mary Mac n’ cheese and Larry Lasagne.


We’ll be creaming up our “Sloppy Joe’s” ground beef with a traditional cheese sauce and layering with toasted tortilla strips then oven baking with a white cheddar gratin. Making Mom sure you get your greens we’ll be serving with a fresh tossed salad of mixed leaves with tomato, cucumber, onion & radish.


The humble CHICKEN DINNER (king of the mid-week supper table) will be getting a right royal citrus brining and then grilled to order. With a dust of Mexican spice, a drizzle of local (Piketberg) extra virgin olive oil it’ll be served crispy grilled & juicy delicious on a buttery sweet potato mash with a healthy serving of creamed spinach.


Mom says “Fish on Fridays” but in our case available for the week is our take on a 90’s favourite CAJUN BLACKENED TUNA, we’ll be serving ours Fajita style with tortilla’s & a selection of sides & salsa’s.


With our FAT CACTUS SUPERBRU SUPER 15 RUGBY POOL now in full swing it’s time to introduce our first BRU


PLATE special. THE BRUBURGER, Chipotle mayo’d toasted sesame buns layered with two 100g BBQ beef patties, a yellow cap of cheese & crispy bacon, all crowned with caramelised onions & served with skinny fries and ranch coleslaw.

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As always, playing with food, our taco trio baskets provide the perfect platform for taste, texture and flavour building.

With three classic grilled offerings to choose from and up to 5 sides, salsa’s or sauces from our selection of 12, sky’s the limit.


TACO BASKET Choose crispy corn or soft flour taco trio




Pulled Peri-Peri chicken breast fillet on crunchy coleslaw

Lime & Coriander baby Patagonica calamari on greens

Thin sliced, smokey hot chipotle BBQ basted pork steak on red rice



Pico de gallo– our chunky house salsa

Guacomole – Fresh bashed Avo with Pico

Black olive & caper salsa

Cape pear, roast baby onion & chilli salsa

Grilled Pineapple & Avo salsa

Guacho bean & yoghurt dip

Coriander pesto

Green chilli pesto

Cactus crema

Salsa mayo

Classic Ranch & chilli dressing

Chipotle Ranch dressing

Queso fresca salty white cheese

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We’re well into the year and the first biggy “Valentines Day” is just 2 sleeps away. (Cue now to the the link to legendary South African group Rabbit” and their classic cheezy nachos love song “Charlie). Understandably this week our specials board goes “Romantique” and love is all around.


Love our CUPIDS BULLETS bright red Peppadews stuffed with fresh coriander, jack & feta cheeses, batter dipped, fried golden delicious and served with our chipotle mayo.


It’s warm and sticky so you have to love our LOVE SALAD of baby beetroot, chillied walnut & feta salad splashed with our Rockstar dressing.


Love our deconstructed AVO RITZ with fresh avo, ranch greens and plump pink prawns in a spicy seafood sauce.


Give your T-buds a little lovin’ with our SIMPLY SALMON. Norwegian smoked salmon & caper vinaigrette tossed greens on sourdough bruschetta.


Go to HOG HEAVEN with crisply, crackling pork loin noisettes, BBQ basted and served with skinny fries & house slaw, a real Texan Sunday lunch!


Still hungry? Then PIG OUT with succulent, grilled pork steaks with a berry coulis served with slow roasted baby onions & honey glazed beetroot.


For those of you who can steal your loving gaze away from your gorgeous partner for a second or two, click on the link http://www.superbru.com/superrugby/pool.php?p=11173279 and sign up for our annual FAT CACTUS SUPER 15 SUPERBRU CHALLENGE.


Entry is free and with in-house specials, weekly prizes and the grand prize of a weekend for 8 at Amberley House in Seaforth (with beers and braai packs mind you) it’s a no-brainer.